Hey all,

    So I thought I would do a little overview of what can be expected from this blog as it develops over the next month.

    ART: There is so much art scattered throughout the world, especially in NYC and NJ. I will be posting my personal photos of art I find and like. This art can be anything from installations to graffiti. 

    CINEMA: I have searched far and wide for exclusive behind the scenes photos from famous, and some not-so-famous, films. So, expect many of those to come.

    DIYs: I am working on several DIYs that talk about recycling bottles in new ways, turning them into cute and eco-friendly decor for around the house and/or apartment!

    MUSIC: This will be the stuff I most likely just reblog on here. I won’t reblog anything else. I’ve been listening to a lot of Irish folk lately along with classical, grunge, alternative, electronic and rock. 

    RECIPES: I am a vegan, but I will do my best to post recipes EVERYONE can try (vegan or not). I’m excited for this, as I have come to experiment in the kitchen more over the passing weeks and have created some pretty sweet recipes.

    STREET STYLE: The seasons are changing and so are peoples’ style. I will be stopping people throughout Manhattan and New Jersey to photograph their personal style, and perhaps even get their story.

    STYLE GUIDE: I have some fun and new ways to tie a scarf that I have been experimenting with all week. I cannot wait to show them to all of you- expect the first one to be up by the end of the week!

    QUOTES: I will be creating fun little quote posts varying from philosophy to literature. I am a big fan of the authors of The Roaring Twenties, so you can expect many quotes from Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and many more. I am also big on Existentialism, Transcendentalism and Naturalism, so I will most likely be posting quotes from people like Whitman, Emerson, Thoreau, Poe, Dickinson, Plath and more. 


  2. The Art of Collecting Art

    Tonight, I am home in New Jersey and decided to go on a trip down memory lane. This little journey included looking through canvases I made, as well as the different art I have come to collect. After reminiscing and pondering, I decided to write a short post in regards to the ins-and-outs of collecting art.

    Why do people collect art? Some collect because it’s their hobby, others because they love art, and many for design purposes. Then, we have those collecting for social status. There are a plethora of reasons to collect, and regardless of your desire to collect art there are ways that anyone looking to begin a collection should take into consideration.

    And, just so I do not discredit myself as a collector, here is a brief background of my life collecting so far.

    In 2005, when I turned 13, my father and I took a trip to our family friend’s gallery in Manhattan. In this gallery were several Lichtenstein originals. I remember having such a difficult time figuring out which of the three to get. I eventually made my decision. To this day, I am thrilled with that choice. Since then, I have gathered a collection of art from artists such as Jessica Craig-Martin, Banksy, Joel Anderson, Steve Mumford, James Franco, Ann Carrington, Spike Jonze and many others.

    With that being said, let’s get to some of my thoughts on the art of collecting art.

    1) Appreciation: Some people just appreciate art. You can be a banker, a doctor or a farmer and still collect art. It doesn’t matter what your background is. If you love art and appreciate it, no matter how that appreciation is articulated, there is nothing quite like buying a piece that you appreciate with every fiber of your being.

    2) Art Fairs: Go to art fairs. DO IT! There are a ton of wonderful art fairs going on CONSTANTLY, especially in New York City. Last Saturday there was a festival going on at Lincoln Center, which featured new designers and artists. I ended up discovering several pieces I wish to display in the magazine I am working on, and I am talking with the designers about future photo-shoots and spreads integrating their lines in my mag-rag.

    3) Design: Interior designers go crazy when it comes to this kind of stuff. For them, furniture is art as well. My friend Robert is an interior designer (a successful one in Manhattan) and, several years ago, advised me to only buy one piece from any artist. He said this will keep your collection fresh and as a result the collection will expand quickly. We can also even say that, from a design perspective, if you are collecting to hang everything on your walls, then you should be taking into account the vibe you are trying to give the room, along with color scheme and furniture integration. Check-out how the Novogratz do this.

    4) Indecision: If you are like me, you will have trouble choosing a piece you love. This can be because you either love everything or hate everything. I am one of those people that appreciates all art, and as a result I love everything. So, whenever the weekly roundup from Exhibition A arrives via email, I go crazy trying to figure out how to afford and expand my collection.

    5) Investment: Art of any kind is an investment. It doesn’t matter who the artist is, it is almost always an investment. When I purchased the Lichtenstein, I did not realize this. Now, I cannot even tell you how much the value has skyrocketed. I can tell you that it is definitely worth more then $1,200 now. Plus, no matter how bad the economy is, artwork that is valued at a high price will continue to be valued as such, and will sometimes even increase in value.

    I know it wasn’t much, but that is what I have to offer in regards to collecting art. If you are starting to collect now, go out and do some research. Don’t just buy a book of Van Gogh copies. Explore the art world and find artists that speak to you. I find peace in discovering new art to add to my collection. Happy collecting, peeps!

  3. Writing some DIY articles for y’all! Can you guess what they’re about?

  4. Behind the Scenes:

    Sofia Coppola’s Marie Anoinette (2006).

    (Pictured: Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman)

  5. mama-said:

    Stubborn Love. The Lumineers. A Take Away Show in San Francisco, California.

    I can’t stop watching Take Away Shows. It’s becoming a problem. I’m even starting to believe that my singing voice has “character”.  Watch out world, I’m coming after you with a song of my own called “That’s My Water”.

  6. Jessica Craig-Martin

    The thing I love about Jessica Craig-Martin’s work is her ability to portray these ‘every day’ scenes in a gritty and ironic manner. She makes the viewer actually contemplate what is going on in the piece and how it can be seen as mundane, absurd or even fantastical.

    I highly recommend checking out her work.


  7. crow-boy:

    Sufjan Stevens - The Upper Peninsula - Michigan

    (via crow-boy-deactivated20140913)

  8. Are you all ready for Catching Fire??

    Tick, tock…